About Us

Compu-Tel Corporate Background

Compu-Tel, founded in 1991 as an Online BBS doing consulting for various computer companies. Compu-Tel has now become a premier supplier of
hardware, software, services, and integrated solutions for retail, small, medium, and large businesses. Some of our clients: Canadian Government, Canadian Army, Sunny Brook Hospital, Toronto Real Estate Board. (We sold them the systems to run Treb on) and many more.

Compu-Tel has differentiated itself in the market by focusing on
being a responsive and reliable support and service company. In fact,
they pride themselves in being industry-wide “team” leaders for after-
sales service and support.

Compu-Tel is uniquely positioned to provide a single wide brand
source for installation, technical support, and hardware/software
maintenance for the small to the large corporate marketplace.
If The Product You Require Is Not Listed Please Call
For Our Low Prices As There’s Nothing, We Can’t Source.

All Prices Are In Canadian Funds.
Prices subject to change without notice
All Prices Include Taxes and Shipping

Web Site: http://compu-tel.on.ca/
Email:sales at compu-tel.on.ca


Customer Service is our number one goal and it has been this way since we started in 1991. We have seen a lot of fly-by-night businesses and other competitors close shop for good. We continue on and some of my past customers are still in touch to this day.

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